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The California Teacher Induction Program is designed to offer support for beginning teachers who have finished a credentialing program and who currently hold (or have applied for) a preliminary Multiple Subjects Credential or Preliminary Single Subject Credential. As outlined in SB2042, Induction is the main pathway to a Clear Credential. Created by SB1422 in 1992, the Induction Program was established based on research gathered from the California New Teacher Project. This research identified the need to provide participating teachers with focused induction support that would be at a sufficient level of intensity to make a difference in the performance, retention, and satisfaction of the participating teachers.
The San Marcos Unified School District Induction Program provides a two-year induction program to support new teachers. This program consists of a reflective assessment and support process intended to help teachers in their initial years as a professional educator. Induction is designed to recognize the individual strengths and professional development needs of participating teachers, thus building upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities that each participating teacher brings to the classroom. The SMUSD program supports the demonstration and application of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession through its various components: collegial mentoring from an assigned support provider, ongoing staff development, curricular materials and training, and administrative assistance.
To access additional program information and resources, please visit the SMUSD California Teacher Induction Program website
   Monika Hazel   Induction Program Leadership
      Monika Hazel
      Principal on Special Assignment
      Coordinating BTSA, Early Literacy Support and Data Analysis
      Fax: 760-752-1215 
Last Modified on April 14, 2017