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Business Services
Mark Schiel
Mark Schiel, Assistant Superintendent 
Mark Schiel has successfully worked within various school districts for the last twelve years.  He has significant experience with budget development and monitoring procedures, long-range financial planning, risk management, managing maintenance, operations, and transportation, food services, administration, construction; and technology.
Mark is on the Board of Trustees for Schools of California Employee Employer Trust (SCEET), as well as a member of the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO).  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Malone College and is pursuing a Master of Science degree in School Business Leadership from Wilkes University. 

Business Services Department Responsibilities

  • District Financial and Business Matters
  • Preparation of Budget and Expenditure of Funds
  • Consultations and Advisement to Superintendent
  • Evaluation of Department Heads/Assignment of Duties
  • Development of Board Policies/Procedures for Business Services
  • Employee Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Administration of District Insurance Program
  • State School Program, Alternatively Financed Schools
  • Property Procurement, Bond Sales, Actual Construction
  • Negotiations, Remodels, Capital Projects, Architectural Liaisons
  • Office of Local Assistance, Office of State Architect, District Master Planning
  • Enrollment Projections, Boundary Studies, Builder's Fees
  • California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) Enrollment Report [View Report]
  • Cooperation with City, County, and State of California
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Mark Schiel
Assistant Superintendent

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