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Program Overview

San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD) and the North Coast Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE) provide an Adult Transition Program (ATP) for qualifying young adults with disabilities aged 18-22 years of age. Eligibility is determined by the IEP team.

The ATP provides training and instruction to facilitate transition from public school into appropriate adult programs and supported work placements. 

The emphasis is to work toward a level of independence for every student (based upon the level of their disability) in the areas of living, working, and community involvement. Young adults in the program will be encouraged to make choices, participate in work experiences, interact with others in the community and strengthen their confidence level and social skills. 

The daily structure of the program may include work experience, a lunch break, and various activities including college classes, P.E., mobility training, shopping, and eating out. 

The program is intentionally situated off-campus. By meeting each day in a community setting, the young adults in the program are introduced to an environment similar to the one into which they will eventually transition and allows opportunities for students to regularly interface with the public.  Work experience, (when appropriate), provides students with the opportunity to acquire skills, assess strengths, and determine work preferences.  

Staff Contact Information

Name Phone Number Email adress
Peggy Zapata, Administrator on Special Assignment (760) 290-2967
Angela Castro, Special Education Teacher (760) 290-2965 x3103
Timothy Evilsizer, Special Education Teacher (760) 290-2965 x3104
Michael Redman, Special Education Teacher (760) 290-2965 x3102
Wendy Castellanos, Health Aide (760)290-2966