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New Changes to SAT Registration
College Board announced sweeping changes to security on SAT test day, beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year.  These new changes include photo registration, spot-check and increased ID checks, changes to the check-in process, and pre-registration requirements (walk-ins are no longer allowed).


These changes come after the Long Island cheating scandal uncovered last year where a group of students were caught paying other students to take their exams.  Since then, the College Board hired a former FBI director to review the security measures and overhaul as necessary.


Students will now be required to upload a photo at registration.  This photo will be printed on the admissions ticket as well as the check-in roster and scores, which are sent to high schools and colleges.  If a student cannot upload a photo, he/she will be permitted to mail a photo to the College Board which will scan the image and associate it with the student file.  The admissions ticket photo will be matched with the check-in roster and compared to their valid student ID.


For many students, their ID is simply their driver’s license but for those students without driver’s licenses, other acceptable forms of photo ID now include:

•             State issued non drivers ID

•             School identification card

•             Passport

•             Government issued ID

•             School ID form


In addition to these changes, student IDs will be checked more frequently throughout the test (at breaks, if a student leaves and re-enters a room, when handing in answer sheets, etc.) and “spot checks” will be performed at random locations or if cheating is suspected.  Proctors will also receive additional training on how to spot cheating and what to do if cheating is suspected. 


For more information on the security changes, please check out the College Board press room:


For more information on what to bring on test day, check out the College Board website:


We anticipate that your students will first start encountering these changes when registration for the October, 2012 SAT begins. 

Last Modified on March 28, 2012