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Parent Involvement Policy


Alvin Dunn Elementary School agrees to implement the following statutory requirements:

· The school will jointly develop with parents, distribute to parent of the participating children, a School Parental Involvement Policy that the school and parents of the participating children agree on.

· The school will notify parents about the School Parental Involvement Policy in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, will distribute this policy to parents in language the parents can understand.

· The school will make the School Parent Involvement Policy to meet the changing needs of the parents and the school.

· The school will adopt the school’s school-parent compact as a component of its School Parental Involvement Policy.

Parents and staff take the following actions to involve parents and staff in the joint development and joint agreement of our Parental Involvement Policy:

· Policy is reviewed each school year by the Alvin Dunn Leadership Team and parental groups.  These groups include, ELAC, School Site Council, and Parent Teacher Organization.

· The policy is updated periodically to meet the changing needs of parents and our school.

Alvin Dunn Elementary has a Title 1 Parent Meeting each year.  Invitations, in both English and Spanish, are sent home inviting parents to this meeting.  A translator is provided at this meeting to assist parents at the Title 1 meeting.  At this meeting, School Achievement Data is reviewed, Intervention services are discussed, the Budget for Title 1 funds is reviewed and Parent Involvement strategies are shared.  Parents do receive progress reports throughout the year informing them of their child’s progress.

The Parental Involvement Policy is communicated to parents in a variety of ways.  The policy is available on our school website and is available for review in the Single Plan for Student Achievement, which is located in the Principal’s office.

Many opportunities are made available for parents to attend informational meetings at Alvin Dunn.  These include:

·  Kindergarten Orientation

·  Back to School Night held during the first week of school

·  School Site Council Meetings

·  ELAC Meetings

·  PTO Meetings

·  Title 1 Parent Meeting

·  International Baccalaureate Parent Tours and Workshops

·  Principal Coffee Chats

·  Open House

·  Parent Teacher Conferences

Translators are made available at all meetings.  In addition each week a phone call and email is sent home notifying parents of important upcoming events at school.  We also make sure our school website is updated on a weekly basis.

Parents are encouraged to get involved in their child’s education.  In order to help accomplish this goal, we offer parenting classes, family literacy, science or math nights, International Baccalaureate parent classes and tours, English classes for parents, and family fun events.  We send written notification of all these events home and we also send a weekly phone call and email home both in English and Spanish.  The staff and administration is dedicated to increasing parent involved and have sought out support and help with volunteer sheets at Back to School night as well as a full time Community Liasion.  Several classrooms have parent volunteers on a regular basis.

With the assistance of San Marcos Unified, Alvin Dunn also provides assistance to parents in understanding:

·  The State’s academic standards

·  The State’s student achievement data

·  The District’s academic assessments

·  Title 1 requirements

This information is disseminated to parents at Back to School Night, parent conferences and informational parent meetings.  The district also provides the School Accountability both in English and Spanish.  The report also provides parents with valuable information.  It can be found on the district website or in the school office.

Alvin Dunn Elementary believes that learning can only happen if we have the support and involvement of parents.



Last Modified on November 2, 2016