Woodland Park Middle School

Cultivating leadership, compassion, and perseverance

September, 2016

I am so excited to welcome you back for what is destined to be a special year for WPMS. So far, we’ve started strong with our first ever WEB Orientation, where over 300 6th graders engaged with 100 of our best 8th grade leaders for a 4 hour orientation on how to be successful in middle school. Our theme of “We Got Your Back!” was evident during the assembly, small break out sessions, and campus tour. Just think how powerful being comfortable AND excited about middle school can be to determining success in this next phase of life.

I’m also proud to formally announce a brand new vision for WPMS! Over the course of the last school year, our teachers and staff collaborated on creating a new vision- “North Star” to guide the educational experience for our students and families. This summer we finalized it and I’m excited to share it with you…drum roll please….

 WPMS is committed to building a community cultivating leadership, compassion, and perseverance. We believe all students are scholars who will meet or exceed grade-level proficiencies- prepared for high school and beyond.

This new vision will guide our decisions and will focus our attention on the key elements that we feel are essential for the students of our community to thrive beyond middle school. Let me quickly break down a few key elements: 

“Community”- Our staff overwhelmingly believes that we thrive when we are part of community that works together, interdependent on each other’s skills. “It takes a village to raise a child…”

“Leadership”- We believe every student is capable of being a leader in his or her own unique way. We want to empower our students by teaching essential skills like empathy, respect, organization, and communication so they are able to serve our community and shape the future.

“Compassion”- Compassionate classrooms lead to a more positive classroom culture because all students feel that they belong. Teaching students the skills to foster compassion will propel them forward with confidence and self-esteem

“Perseverance- Understanding that adversity and set-backs are key components to learning and personal development is important for our students to grasp. Teaching our students how to approach school and life with a growth mindset will help make success attainable to all students.

“All students will meet or exceed grade-level proficiencies”- This is the foundation for everything that we do as a school. This galvanizes our commitment to prepare every student for high school and beyond by propelling them towards or beyond grade level expectations. Students all come to school at different proficiency levels and unique skill sets. Here at WPMS we commit to setting up every student for success.

Over the course of the 2016/17 school-year, we’ll be creating our mission statement and outline “how” we accomplish these elements of our vision. Also, throughout the year, I’ll be sharing more specifics about current programs at WPMS and ideas for the future. I’d like to send a special “shout-out” to our teaching and support staff for their hard work during the 2015/16 school-year creating this vision. This accomplishment is a testament to their passion and commitment to our students and families.


Go Bulldogs!