Woodland Park Middle School

Cultivating leadership, compassion, and perseverance

Woodland Park Middle School is proud to be a safe and secure school for students, staff and parents.  Please read the following brief summary of our Safe School Plan.




Administrative Safety Assurance Statement



One of the many goals at Woodland Park Middle School is to be proactive in approaching safety issues for all students and staff.  The WPMS Comprehensive School Safety Plan was produced by the administration, it is revised annually and it incorporates all updated safety data and school protocol for rules and regulations.  The Woodland Park Middle School Site Council approved the Comprehensive School Safety Plan each academic school year.


The Comprehensive School Safety Plan addresses three essential components:


Ø  Characteristics of students and staff

Ø  Physical environment

Ø  School culture


Woodland Park Middle School administration believes that safety begins by each person showing responsibility for their behavior.  We stress the importance of being responsible and reporting to an adult when inappropriate behaviors are witnessed.  The administration maintains a strong presence at all times, teachers are consistent and students are informed regularly about safety procedures.  Our goal at Woodland Park Middle School is to develop positive character traits, promote a nurturing learning environment and provide students with resiliency skills.  Throughout the school year, students are reminded of appropriate behavior and are held accountable for their behavior.  Providing a safe and productive learning environment is a priority at Woodland Park Middle School.  We promote a positive atmosphere to ensure that WPMS will have a school environment that supports academic and emotional learning and is a safe place for all students and staff.


We have implemented “The Woodland Way” for the 2013-14 school year.  In the classroom, we are scholars, facilitators and life-long learners who employ creativity, cooperation, communication and critical thinking.  We have Bulldog pride and treat others with dignity and respect.  We are leaders and have a commitment to being active participants in the school community.





Brian Randall                                                              Michelle Petitte

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Last Modified on October 16, 2013