San Marcos High School

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Excalibur Knights eligibility


The Excalibur Knights are composed of the top 20 students in the senior class who have above a 4.0 GPA.  

The GPA will be calculated in April or May of 11th grade using the cumulative overall GPA averaged with the 2nd semester, 2nd progress report GPA.

In the case of a tie, the higher GPA from the 2nd semester, 2nd progress report will determine who is an Excalibur Knight.

The Excalibur Knights represent San Marcos High School while serving as mentors to younger students. 


·        Maintain excellent citizenship and grades

·        Be a positive role model both on and off campus

·        Participate in the June graduation practice(s) and ceremony

·        Participate in the Freshman Knighthood Assembly

·        Spend a day at San Elijo Middle School and/or San Marcos Middle School speaking to 8th grade classes

·        Participate in the 8th grade parent night at SMHS

·        Lead a mock college application activity in 10th grade classes

·        Other duties as needed


Last Modified on November 5, 2014