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Shady Tiger

Cross-Age Tutoring
Cross-Age Tutoring is designed to give the student real life experience working with young students in a tutoring setting.  The student receives instruction and mentoring to broaden his/her range of competencies and experiences in the areas of tutoring, communication and mentoring roles. The objective of Cross-Age Tutoring is to achieve personal growth in the areas of communication, working in a classroom setting, and understanding their behavior and how it affects the mentor relationship.
  1. Improve Communication and interaction skills
  2. Gain experience working as a classroom tutor.
  3. Gain an understanding of his/her behavior and the behavior of others.
  4. Work with elementary age students and teachers in a classroom setting.
Marina Fonseca-Villa
Faculty Representative
Phone:  760-290-2555 ext. 3511
Last Modified on September 29, 2009