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Welcome to a new school year!  We are excited to create another fun, exciting and rewarding physical education program.

Contact: Melissa Beninger, Physical Education Teacher


One of our class goals is to actively engage children in sufficient amounts of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) to improve their physical health and well being.  Another goal is to encourage children to apply the skill and knowledge they acquire during class and seek opportunities to be active outside of school and as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Additionally, instructional units are planned to develop motor, cognitive and behavioral skills.  Your child’s semester grade will focus on his/her attitude (good sportsmanship) and effort (following directions and participation in daily activities).



Your child will attend physical education 4 or 5 times every two weeks, meeting the state mandated physical education minutes (200 minutes every 2 weeks).  Students will engage in various sports and physical activities.  1st through 3rd grade clssses attend two set days each week and every other Wednesday.  4th and 5th grade classes attend two 50 minute classes per week, eliminating the need for an alternating Wednesday.   Please see your child’s teacher for the specific dates and times!



Physical activity must be done regularly to achieve health benefits.  Therefore, your child’s participation is very important.  If he/she is sick or unable to participate in all activities, please send a note.  Also, we recommend that you send a labeled water bottle with your child and stress the importance of staying hydrated.


In order to provide the best possible experience for your child, we must all work together as a team.  Please remind your child to dress appropriately for physical activity.



It's all about RESPECT!   
Respect Yourself 
    • Be safe
    • Stay on 2 feet
    • Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes
    • Try your best and stay positive
          Respect Others
    • Keep all body parts to yourself
    • Be a good sport (respect the rules of the game!)
    • Follow directions
    • Be kind
           Respect Our School
  • Take care of PE equipment
  • Keep our school clean 


    1. Thumbs up for your class
    2. Secret superstar recognition
    3. Good grades
    4. Satisfaction of a job well done


    1. Warning/Reminder
    2. Pit stop (child is asked to refocus by filling out a pit stop sheet that will be signed by teachers and parents, then return to the activity)
    3. Time out (student is removed from PE and asked to fill out a sheet describing why they couldn't participate and what the activities were that day)  We use this only as a last resort.  Behavior that affects the learning and safety of our students  determines whether or not they are removed from class.

   Please have your students dress appropriately according to the weather!  In the event that it is too hot outside or there is rain, we will move our PE classes indoors.  If the temperature reaches 85 degrees, we will play water games outside or have the students participate in less vigorous activities.  Once the temperature outside reaches 90 degrees, PE will be moved indoors.  Your students' safety is our number one concern.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (760)290-2900 ext 3934.


Thank you for your support!



Ms. Beninger & the Carrillo PE Staff
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