San Marcos Middle School

Home of the Crusaders

Great season Crusaders! Here's a slideshow to remember our year:
 kp Good showing at Kit Carson 
 m The Crusaders take on Moonlight Beach
 m Thank you Mr. Martinez for running with us!
 8 Our boys after doing ramp runs
7 Our girls after a tough ramp run workout
8 The heat won't slow our 8th grade girls down
8 Our hardworking 8th grade boys team
  7 Our 7th grade girls putting in work
 7 Our 6th/7th Grade boys getting ready for their next meet
 c Our coaches are ready to put you to work
Cross Country is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys and girls. Our practices will be on Mondays and Tuesdays and Thursday. Most of the meets will begin at 4:30. All athletes need to have their athletic packet completed (including a physical from their doctor) in order to compete. Mr. Coleman and Mr. Hunter will be the coaches for the year.
We are asking for a $20 donation per athlete to help offset the transportation cost. This fee can be paid in the front office. See Mr. Coleman or Mr. Hunter if you have any questions.
                                                                        2016 Crusader Cross Country Schedule 
Thursday September 22nd at MLK
Thursday October 6th at San Elijo....first race is at 4:00
Friday October 7th at Walnut Grove Park
Thursday October 13th at Moonlight Beach
Thursday October 20th at Woodland Park
Wednesday October 26th League Finals at Kit Carson Park 
* Schedule is subject to change
*All meets begin at 4:30...except the San Elijo Meet
* You must run in at least 3 events to qualify for the league finals 
cc 8th Grade Champs!!!cc
                       cc Our 8th grade girls eat hills for breakfast!
                              cc Our 6th/7th grade girls are ready to run!
                              cc   It's race time 6th/7th grade boys!
   cc se Great Job Crusaders at the San Elijo Meet!
  7th      Moonlight Beach                           7th    
 8th                                                              8th
 8th grade studs Congrats to our 8th grade boys for winning the Buena Vista Meet!
We are proud of our team for braving the heat up at Dos Picos Park in Ramona. It was a great event and our athletes had a blast. Congratulations to our 8th boys team for winning their race.
        Dos Picos 9/24        Dos Picos Park
                                                       Mr. Martinez Thank You Mr. Martinez for running with us!
                          8th grade The 8th grade team putting in work!