Richland Elementary School

Proud Traditions and New Opportunities


Richland is proud to partner with Educational Enrichment Systems to offer high-quality preschool and prekindergarten educational experiences for children ages 3 to 5. EES programs use a research-based curriculum to help children develop the social, emotional and academic skills to help them succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Students work on developing the language, math and cognitive skills that will prepare them well for an academic setting. They also refine social skills, such as cooperation, sharing and conflict resolution, that will help them feel confident as they move into the kindergarten environment.

EES teachers and directors are experienced, nurturing educators who are dedicated to growth of every child.

If you would like to visit our preschool or get more information about our preschool programs, please call 760-290-2416.  You can also visit our website

Before School Learning

Before-school remediation classes are offered for students who are having difficulty with grade level curriculum. During these remediation classes, teachers work with students on specific grade level reading and math skills. Enrollment in these classes is based on teacher referral. Your child's teacher will contact you about these support services if s/he believes they would be of benefit to your child.

Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.)

Richland's GATE program is designed to assist in meeting the unique needs of students who demonstrate superior ability. The program begins in third grade with a multiple criteria identification process. All students in grade 3 are screened, unless the parent requests his/her child not participate in this process. GATE students are clustered in specific classrooms in order to provide instruction that differentiates the core curriculum and provides them with advanced learning opportunities.

Student Study Team (SST)

Students experiencing academic, language, behavioral, or emotional difficulties can be referred by a teacher, parent, or administrator to the SST team, which is comprised of the parent, classroom teacher, psychologist, speech therapist, administrator and RSP teacher. The purpose of the SST team is to review the needs of the child and develop a plan for success. Prior to referral, the parent and teacher will have a conference and discuss any concerns.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Services in this area are limited. Contact the principal or assistant principal for details.

Speech Therapy

Students are referred for screening and/or training by teachers or parents. Parents are welcome to contact the school regarding assistance in this important area. All Kindergarten students receive a speech and language screening.

Resource Specialist Program (RSP)

Children who have been identified as having a specific learning disability are provided services in the Resource Specialist Program. Working together, parents, teachers, and other appropriate personnel develop, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to target each child's identified needs.

Super Learning Lab (SSL)

Richland's Super Learning Lab is designed to support students having difficulty with the reading process.  Reading assessments are used by the classroom teacher and Intervention Specialists to place students in this systematic literacy program.

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