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2013 Attendance Area Revisions

SMUSD Attendance Area Committee Recommended Revisions:

On May 14, the SMUSD Attendance Area Committee reached consensus on recommended changes to district boundaries. These recommendations will be shared with the Governing Board at the June 10, 2013 regular meeting. Approximately ninety representative parents and staff from sixteen district schools deliberated on three occasions, analyzing data and considering numerous options, made necessary by increased growth and the future opening of a new Kindergarten through 8th grade school. In addition, each school provided opportunities for interested families to give input on possible solutions.

The links below produce detailed maps of the Committee’s recommendations. The thick black lines indicate current school attendance areas. The colored/shaded portions are the recommended new attendance areas to be implemented, starting with the 2015-16 school year for elementary and middle schools and the 2017-18 school year for the high schools. 

SMUSD Attendance Area Committee Meetings:

On Monday April 21, 2013 a committee of administrators, teachers, classified employees, and parents representing each school site in San Marcos convened to begin the process of examining attendance areas to accommodate future growth.  After three meetings, this committee will reach a consensus and provide a recommendation to the Governing Board for adoption at the June 10, 2013 Governing Board Meeting.  To view the presentations from each meeting, please click on the links below.


Questions & Answers Regarding Attendance Area Revisions:

 Attendance Area Revisions