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Start Smart Classes

Students who wish to park on campus must complete the Start Smart Class before applying for a parking permit. Please note we are Sold Out of parking permits for the school year 2016-2017.

The City of San Marcos and the Sheriff's Department has decided to use a "New" system to "Pre-Register" students for the Start Smart program for the school year of 2017.
The San Marcos School District has had an amazing response to the program.  Because of this amazing attendance, we have in the past had to turn away students in line waiting to register  due to being at full capacity.
Pre-registration will help with the disappointment of being turn away and the time taken to drive to location.
Beginning January 2017 students will be required to pre-register on the Sheriff Web Page
This is an automated registration site where students can print out a ticket for the scheduled Start Smart presentation that they choose. They may also choose the date they would like to attend.  The schedule is available on the pre-registration site.
The ticket will allow them to attend the program. Eventbrite will give each registered student two printable tickets--one for the student and one for the parent that must be present. The pre-registration is set to allow 200 students admittance to the Start Smart class. Once it reaches the 200 mark it is posted closed.  

Parking permits will be available in the Finance Office  during break and lunch only.  Students must bring a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, current registration and completed parking permit application (including parent signature). 


San Marcos – Community Center Main Hall

3 Civic Center Dr. San Marcos, CA 92069

Registration at door starting at 6:00 PM

Presentation begins 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

A parent must be present during presentation.

**No children under the age of 12 will be permitted to attend due to content of subject matter.  

No parking permit will be issued to any student who has not completed the "Start Smart Class" or who still owes money for books or equipment and/or has a Saturday School attendance obligation from previous years.
Once you have attended the Start Smart class, you may complete the application below to obtain a parking permit.