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DPS 2nd Innovation Drive


DPS 2nd Innovation Drive

Jan 23rd- 27th

Drop off donations in Makerspace 7:45-9:00 am 

Hello DPS Community!

Please mark your calendars for DPS's 2nd Innovation Drive: Jan 23rd-27th.

Purpose: Help replenish our Makerspace with recyclables, craft materials, tools, and more for students' creativity and prototyping.

Please keep this list (attached) in a handy place.  These are all helpful items we could use for prototyping.  I encourage your children to create a spot to collect Makerspace donations in your garage. Then during the week of Jan. 23rd students/ parents may drop off donations to the Makerspace in the mornings between 7:45 -9:00 a.m.


Volunteers: I will desperately need some parent volunteers that week 8:15-10 a.m. to help organized the donations in our Makerspace. Please email if you are available and willing to help out our school!


Here are some much needed items that have been requested by students in the Makerspace lately (can be dropped off before Innovation Drive):

*craft sticks (big and small)

* pompoms

*pipe cleaners

* cotton balls

*wine corks

*wheel shaped/circular objects

*aluminum foil


Other very helpful donations:

*blowdryer (old is fine- help dry paint quickly)

* handheld vacuum

*step stool

* broom/dustpan

* baby wipes

*Tape, tape, and more tape! (any and all kinds)

* play dough

Thank you DPS Community!  Our Innovation Program wouldn’t be as successful without YOU!