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Secure Campus Policy for all San Marcos Unified Schools

Summary: La Costa Meadows Elementary School will join all of the other San Marcos Unified Schools in becoming a secured campus. Beginning Tuesday, September 8th, the campus will be closed to unauthorized adults before and after school. Drop off procedures will remain the same, but adults will not be allowed through the main gate or the kindergarten gate. We will have supervision at these gates, as well as on campus.
If you have a scheduled meeting with a teacher before or after school, please check in with the office and follow our regular visitor procedures. Volunteering in classrooms will begin at 8:15am, unless you have made prior arrangements with the teacher. As per our existing procedures, all volunteers must sign in at the front office and wear a visitor/volunteer's badge. At LCM we are very fortunate to have many parent volunteers and we want to continue to encourage this type of school and community involvement.
On all flag salute days, we will allow parents to enter the school after the 8:15am bell rings. We welcome you to join us for all flag celebrations. 
8:00am - Cafeteria open for students only, for early breakfast
8:15am - Gate is open for students only, parent volunteers must sign in at the office to have access on campus. Parents must have an appointment to meet with a teacher.
3:10pm - Gates unlocked for student dismissal - staff member will monitor gates