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APEX Fun Run - There is still time to turn in your pledges! Please submit online or to the black PTO Box

APEX Class run times:
8:45AM - 9:50AM: Smith, Cherveny, Keyes, Swenson, Bailey, Lillie, Jacques, Martin
9:40AM - 10:50AM: Breitbarth, Magwood, McDonnell, Mone, Moreau, Karl, Gergurich
10:50AM - 11:50AM: Berning, Hoisington, Krupsaw, Sandoval, Pratel, Tice, Costa, Tague, Dalmacio
1:00PM - 2:10PM: Cornell, Davis, Murphy, Cullen, Revell, Gutierrez, Ramos, Pacino
2:00PM - 3:10PM: Blomgren, Connelly, Sanchez, Martin, Pruim