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Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year

Dear Teacher:

 Welcome and best wishes for your 2016-2017 school year!


Your local Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is here to support you as you welcome and work with the families of your students.


The CAC works collaboratively with district special education directors to provide free workshops, events and resources to families who have children with IEPs.


As you are aware, families and their children benefit greatly from support such as the CAC provides but they may need an invitation from someone they know to actually attend an event or to call for help.


Below is a list of suggestions that we hope will help families connect. We thank you in advance if you're able to choose one or two to do. We also welcome your questions and suggestions.

  • At back to school or open house nights, have the NCCSE website parent page up on a classroom computer (
  • If you present a power point presentation at back to school or open house nights, include this power point slide
  • Encourage families to attend a CAC activity or to call the NCCSE Parent Liaison(760-761-5120), especially if they are looking for resources or support
  • Forward CAC emails to families for whom you have an email address
  • Add the NCCSE parent hotline to your teacher website (1-888-797-5575)
  • In emails to families, include the NCCSE website address ( and hotline number (1-888-797-5575)
By the way, all teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and staff are welcome to attend CAC meetings and family workshops, also at no cost!


Note: All CAC activities are free. Unless otherwise specified all are presented in English with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish by qualified interpreters.

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