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Speak Up Survey

Click here for the link to the survey in English and Spanish



Dear parent/educator,

 We are excited to announce that San Marcos Unified School District is participating in Speak Up 2016 from October 12th through January 13th! This survey will help us answer questions, such as:

·         How are our students using technology for learning in and out of school?

·         How important are the use of technology to our teachers and parents? What types of technology would our teachers like and how would they use it in the classroom? Do our ideas about technology align with our students’ parents?

What are the hot trends in emerging technologies (e.g. mobile devices, online learning, gaming, simulations)?

Speak Up is an online national research project that provides an easy way for students, parents, and educators to participate in our decisions about technology, as well as contribute to the national dialogue about educational technology. Since 2003, Project Tomorrow has collected the viewpoints of over 4 million students, educators and parents – the Speak Up dataset represents the largest collection of authentic feedback from these key educational stakeholders.

As a participant in Speak Up, we receive free, online access to the aggregated results with state and national comparisons, providing us with valuable data that can be used for our strategic planning, professional development and budgeting plans during the school year.


Taking the survey is easy!

Follow these instructions to take the survey:

1.       Visit

2.       Select your group (e.g. parents, educators)

3.       Search for your school by entering your zip code or by selecting California and selecting your school’s name from the list.

4.       Read the instructions and begin the survey.


We look forward to our district’s strong participation in Speak Up 2016! Be sure to take the survey from October 12th to January 13th.  The Speak Up team is available to answer any of your concerns; they can be reached via email at or by calling 949-609-4660.