TOP Students Advance to MathCON 2017 Competition Finals in the “Windy City”!

TOP Students Advance to MathCON 2017 Competition Finals in the “Windy City”!

San Marcos, California - Rohun Athalye, a 9th grader at San Marcos High School, qualified to compete in the National MathCON 2017 Finals. There were approximately 50,000 online round participants from across the country, and Rohun was among the 576 finalist chosen. MathCON is a prestigious academic competition hosted by Concept Schools every year in Chicago during April.

“We're incredibly proud when any of our students earn recognition for their accomplishments, and we're so excited to have Rohun Athalye representing San Marcos High School advancing to the finals,” Principal Tiffany Campbell said. “The STEM field is such an important part of the future, and we actively encourage our teachers and students to find fun ways to use STEM inside and outside of the classroom. This is a great honor not only for Rohun Athalye, but also for San Marcos High School.”

Students nationwide from all types of schools, including home-schooled children, in the middle and upper grades compete across several mathematical disciplines: algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, number systems and pre-calculus. They take an online assessment to qualify and compete in the finals at the University of Illinois at Chicago going head to head—brain to brain.

MathCON's goal is to engage students in STEM outside of the classroom, and encourage more students to enter the STEM fields, which are currently some of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

“MathCON is our way of inspiring the future leaders in science, technology, math and engineering by engaging students at a young age, making STEM fun and demonstrating its real-world applications,” said Ayhan Caputlu, Director of Mathematics Education at Concept Schools, which organizes the event. “The competition allows us to reach students from all over the nation and help them establish, improve and maintain skills that can lead to many possibilities throughout their educational careers and beyond.”

In addition to the finals testing, students at this year's competition will enjoy a math comedy show, a pizza party with other participants, while also having the chance to play an array of STEM-related games. For a full agenda, visit

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