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To My SMUSD Family -

I have been "in school" in some way virtually my entire life. Nearly all of my Sundays to Thursdays have been "school nights." Even to this day, my non-educator friends still ask, "Are you out of school for the summer?" As hard as it is to imagine my life without school and all things teaching and learning, it is time for a new chapter in my life to begin. I will retire on August 30, 2018.

Serving SMUSD as a Principal, Director and Superintendent is much more than I ever hoped for when I started this career teaching English and History 33 years ago. So many students and teachers, colleagues and friends, have given my life meaning and purpose.

I hope I have given half as much to others as they have given to me. There's never been a day I haven't been proud to call myself an educator. What more can one ask of a professional life?

This decision comes earlier than I had planned and has been both the hardest and easiest of my career. This past winter, my husband was diagnosed with a reoccurrence of a cancer he fought off four years ago. While the prognosis is good and we feel quite fortunate, the experience has reminded us that time is precious. We want to make a bigger dent in our list of places to explore and devote more time to our grandsons; our newest was born just last weekend.

I cannot tell you what the confidence the Governing Board members placed in me as your Superintendent and the support offered by so many of you has meant to me. I am humbled and honored. SMUSD is a special place where each individual gives their all on a daily basis to benefit children. It is no small thing what you do each day, and your efforts truly make the world a better place. There is, in my view, no more important work than that of educating our children and providing them a future filled with hope and aspiration.

Naturally, you're wondering what's next for the Superintendent's office. The Governing Board, under the leadership of Board President, Stacy Carlson, has a plan for recruitment. You will be hearing from her very soon.

I will be working through the summer and looking forward to opening a school year one last time.

Be well,

Melissa Hunt

Melissa Hunt
From the desk of the Superintendent

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