COVID19 Transportation Procedures

Face Coverings | Students

While riding the bus, students shall wear a face-covering.  On a case-by-case basis, exceptions may be granted when wearing a face-covering would compromise the student's health and safety.  Bus Drivers and Bus Aides will remind students to wear their face-covering throughout the ride.  Disposable face-coverings will be available if students forget to bring their acceptable face covering to the bus. 

LumiSight Web App

The LumiSight platform is HIPPA compliant and will ask parents yes/no questions relating to whether your child is experiencing any possible COVID-19 symptoms, if they have a fever, if they have had close contact with a positive case, or have been directed to quarantine, and if they have had a positive COVID-19 test since their last time on the bus. If the parent answered "NO" to all of the screening questions, they will get a green "cleared" badge to ride the bus for the day.  If a parent answered "YES" to one or more questions, you will get a red "STAY HOME" badge and you will not be able to ride the bus that day. We ask that families answer these questions honestly to keep our entire community safe. For more information about LUMISight or to activate your account, please visit screening_app/lumisight_web_app_is_live_

Student temperature screening prior to boarding the bus

Temperature screenings for each rider will be performed before boarding the bus, at the students' pickup location if the student can not show the green "cleared" LumiSight badge.  Parents and/or guardians of students must be present at the bus stop. (Parental accompaniment is not required for the General Education - Twin Oaks High School Students.)  The Bus Driver or Bus Aide will also look for other signs of illness before the student boards the bus.  If a student arrives at the bus with a temperature greater than 99.9 degrees, Transportation services will not be granted, and the student will be released to the parent and/or guardian.  General Education - Twin Oaks High School Students whose temperature is greater than 99.9 degrees, Transportation services will not be granted, and the Bus Driver will instruct the student to return to their home.

In the event of a student's high-temperature scan, the Bus Driver will provide the student's name to the Transportation Dispatcher via two-way radio.  The Transportation Dispatcher will inform the student's parent and/or guardian (if they were not present during the temperature scan), and inform the student's school site personnel.  Temperature scans are not required for boarding the bus for the trip home.  Students who have been identified with a fever during the school day will not be transported home on a bus. 

Student hand sanitizer use before boarding the bus

Before boarding the bus, each student shall utilize hand sanitizer which shall be provided by the parent and/or guardian.  The parents and/or guardians will administer the hand sanitizer from a handheld pump bottle to the students' hands.  Teachers and/or Classroom aides will administer the hand sanitizer before boarding the bus for the trip home.


Each student shall have an assigned seat.  To the extent possible, seats will be filled from back to front when boarding the school bus.  Students will be seated, one child per row, per seat, and alternate rows will be skipped and clearly marked as unavailable.  Each bus will have a roster of the eligible student riders.  Rider attendance will be documented during the morning (to School) and afternoon (home form school) routes.  Efforts will be made for the continuity among vehicles, staff, and students as a means to reduce cross-contamination. 


To increase outdoor air circulation within the vehicle as much as possible inside the buses, windows and roof hatches will be open as much as possible.  Bus Drivers and/or Bus Aides shall be mindful of the forceful wind.  If the increased air circulation becomes too much to handle for our medically fragile passengers, windows within their proximity will be closed. 

Employee Screening

All Transportation Employees will have temperature scans and symptom screen upon their arrival to work and before entering the Transportation facility and/or vehicle.  If an employee temperature scan exceeds 99.9 degrees, they will be directed to go home.  Employees who do not have an elevated temperature scan will receive a unique color-coded wristband signifying they have been screened.  

Employees are encouraged who are sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 to stay home.

Face Coverings | Employees

All Transportation Employees must wear a face covering while on any of the district campuses, when at the Transportation Facilities, or while in the vehicles.  Face-coverings may be provided for Employees who do not have one.


Nitrile gloves will be provided to employees and should be worn when working with students.  Driver and/or Bus Aides will have to assist students with buckling seat bels, tying down the wheelchairs, or implementing other safety measures.  Nitrile gloves shall be changed after each interaction with a student to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

Vehicle Cleaning / Sanitation

Vehicles shall be disinfected/sanitized/decontaminated between routes utilizing the Center for Disease Control Guidelines.  High-touch areas shall be disinfected/sanitized/decontaminated as frequently as possible.  All district vehicles have disinfecting cleaners and towels on board.  Decontamination, Dry Fogger Systems are being explored to decontaminate the vehicles in-between routes.   All cleaning supplies will be kept out of the reach of students.

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