La Costa Meadows New Building Project

Project Overview

La Costa Meadows Elementary School opened in 1985 and currently serves kindergarten through fifth grade. The existing campus consists of thirty-nine portables and 1 permanent structure housing two kindergarten classrooms and administrative support facilities. La Costa Meadows Elementary School will benefit from Proposition K funds; a bond intended to replace portable classrooms with permanent construction to provide a safe, engaging and 21st century learning environment that will last for decades.

The scope of work consists of the construction of two new, two-story, permanent classroom buildings totaling 56, 511 square feet. Each classroom building will house nineteen teaching stations with essential facilities. The existing administration building will be modernized and upgraded to meet currently building code standards. The multi-purpose room and library will be upgraded with technology and expanded to accommodate the current capacity of students enrolled in the school.

Additional improvements will be performed onsite including the reconfiguration of the parking lot to improve student drop-off and pick-up, improvement to curb appeal, installation of landscaping including trees to provide shaded areas in front of the school, and a new shade structure at the playground area.

Project Commencement: May 2017

Project Completion: August 2019

Budget from Prop K Funds: $38.5m

Expenditures to Date: $21M (as of 3/4/19)


  • Phase l: Complete
  • Phase ll: 50%
  • Phase lll: 50%